Sustainable refurbishment as a driving factor of urban regeneration

Evgenia Budanova
London, UK

This article is discussing advantages of the process of refurbishment, how it affects the environment and urban fabric. It also revises a case study of sustainable refurbishment of an industrial building as a successful example of such a conversion. Features of industrial areas in Moscow and particularly the area, where intervention will take place, are investigated. Furthermore, the given conditions of the climate and local building regulations are analyzed. The main climate’s responsive strategies are tested with the use of TAS software and then they are applied to the intervention building, where the best performing dwelling was selected. Climate was simulated in order to investigate the energy perfor¬mance of the intervention building. The results obtained confirm that a dwelling in the refurbished industrial building in Moscow can consume less energy than a conventional one.

Keywords: Refurbishment, conversion, industrial building, urban regeneration, Moscow.

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