Sustainable Architecture: Utopia or Feasible Reality?

Dr. Zaheer Allam
Terre Rouge, Mauritius

This paper delves into the current issues and limitations that outline the modern day architectural teaching and practice. It reveals the unfortunate flaws that arise from our selective and interpretative adoption of the concept of sustainable architecture. The numerous pitfalls in the theory and application of green architecture are brought to light and invites introspection and challenge. We expose our own inequities and question whether we are truly doing right by our planet. We acknowledge the resistance of the global community to change and aim to put forward feasible suggestions towards cementing and nurturing a symbiotic relationship with our environment. We project a realistic perception of the multiple challenges facing our world and attempt to explore and create possible avenues for constructive change. Our ultimate goal is to foster from now on a harmonious union between Man and nature and to halt and possibly prevent further degradation to our green planet.

Keywords: Adaptive design; Climate change; Modern architecture; Sustainability, Ecology

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