Maria Bostenaru Dan, Spaţiul verde redescoperit / Der wiederentdeckte Grünraum [The Rediscovered Green Space], Göttingen: Cuvillier, 2010
Review by Cristina Enache

This charming book (in Romanian and German), combines Author’s professionalism and artistic sensibility, whilst offering nostalgic childhood memories, that resemble Proust’s madeleine of In Search of Lost Time. The Rediscovered Green Spaces invites to meditation, addressing sensitive and delicate subjects. It is without question a book from Author’s soul, evoking fairytale topics in a lyrical way, but also a number of concrete situations – starting from school projects (thus achieving the educational side of the work), to implemented projects (case studies carefully chosen and illustrative for the subject matter).
A wide range of urban situations that seem at the same time part of myth and reality, are presented in order to rediscover nature in built world, a world in which we cannot see the roses that are beyond the thorns, as Grimm’s story beautifully reminds us. Small parks, urban places, green belts, and landscape outside the city, represent a gradual shift from artistic to professional topics, aiming at rediscovering the fairytale’s “Princesses”, imprisoned in the forgotten asphalt castles of the city. Maria Bostenaru Dan seeks the poetry of nature in the urban canvas. Thus, at the end of the reading, we want, like the children, that “once upon a time” turns into reality.

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