A Psychophysical Assessment of Urban Landscaping of Public Agencies Premises in Jos City

Abdulwaheed Bayonle, SALAUDEEN
Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria, Jos, Nigeria
Lecturer of landscape planning

John Yohanna, DUNG-GWOM
Geography and Planning Department, University of Jos, Nigeria
Professor of urban and regional Planning

The study focused on the Psychophysical assessment of urban landscaping practices of public agencies in Jos City. The City is experiencing rapid infrastructural development by the state and uncontrolled development alike by the people. As a result of this, the natural vegetal cover has diminished rapidly over the years and the choice of plant materials to complement the new structures is not well chosen. This is not unconnected with the inadequate awareness creation by professionals for developers to appreciate the importance of landscape plan and the value of natural vegetation around most developments. The Psychophysical model was employed to assess seventeen carefully selected landscape sites of public agencies; these were given to seventeen purposely-selected participants from the academia and professionals to sort the landscape photographs according to their own preference. The result revealed that, the four most preferred landscape photographs were from federal agencies, while three out of the four least preferred landscape photographs were from state agencies. This is because most of the federal agencies entail landscape plan prior to landscape establishment, unlike the state agencies that according to the study entail no landscape plan prior construction. The study therefore supports the need for landscape planning policy and awareness creation in the city of Jos.

Keywords: Psychophysical, Landscape, Assessment, Practices, Agencies.

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