Assessing the costs of hazards mitigation in the urban structure

Maria BOSTENARU DAN (Researcher)
Department of Urban and Landscape Design
”Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism, Romania

Diana ALDEA MENDES (Assistant professor and researcher)
Departamento de Métodos Quantitativos, ISCTE
Lisbon University Institute, Portugal

Thomas PANAGOPOULOS (Professor)
Research Center on Spatial and Organizational Dynamics
University of Algarve, Portugal


In this paper we look at an issue rarely approached, the economic efficiency of earthquake risk mitigation. The urban scale at which a natural hazard can impact leads to the importance of urban planning strategy in risk management. However, usually natural, engineering, and social sciences deal with it, and the role of architecture and urban planning is neglected. We look at the way ICT can contribute to organize the information from the building survey to economic computations in direct modelling or through games. Also we take into consideration at a rare element, which is the role of landscape planning, through the inclusion of green elements in reconstruction.


Keywords: Green space, Economic efficiency, Games, Information modeling.
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