A Vision for the Future of Havana

Julio César Pérez Hernández
President, Cuban Chapter C.E.U and I.N.T.B.A.U
Architect and Urban Planner/Designer


The Havana Master Plan aspires to recreate a pedestrian friendly urban ambience that encourages outdoor living – according to Cuban’s idiosyncrasy – and social and cultural integration where people can meet, work, relax and enjoy. It consists of a number of pragmatic considerations and proposals expressed in concrete projects supported by contemporary urban theory and studies and also based on the past plans with their virtues and failures. It is also based on the experiences obtained in numerous travels abroad – including the United States of America, Canada and Europe – and the exchange with qualified planning professionals from different latitudes.

Keywords: Havana, 21st century Master Plan, Caribbean metropolis, spirit of the place.

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