Green infrastructure planning: a contemporary approach for innovative interventions in urban landscape management

Dr. Ian C. Mell
Department of Town & Regional Planning
University of Sheffield

Green infrastructure has become established as the central approach to landscape planning in
the UK, Europe and North America over the past decade. Bringing together a number of
disciplines to form a coherent landscape resource based approach to environmental
management. By assessing its utility and value this paper addresses the development of this
approach in policy, practice and examines its successes and failures. Reviewing alternative
approaches that green infrastructure interventions take to meet the challenges of population
growth, transport and recreational needs and supporting economic growth is therefore an
important assessment. This is discussed in terms of the direction that current and future green
infrastructure planning policy is being presented in. Despite the extensive use of its principles
in landscape planning in the UK, Europe and North America additional data is required if it is
to be embedded fully in policy at the appropriate scale.

Keywords: Green infrastructure, green urbanism, landscape management, urban planning.

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